High quality cards printed in either letterpress, hotfoil or a mix of both. All items
are manufactured on Heidelberg platen presses to give that indented feel that everybody loves. Cards look best when supplied on 540 or 700gsm material. Cards can also be edge painted in either metallic or a mixed colour. Please send me a message via the contact form if you would like to see samples. 



 - Heavy-weight cards supplied up to 700gsm.

 - Massive range of card colours available.

 - Foiling in one or 2 colours or letterpress/foil mix.

 - Can be foiled or letterpress printed on both sides.

 - Type/logos are indented to give luxurious feel to the touch.

 - Letterpress printing inks can be printed to match pantone colours.

 - Artwork creation available.

 - Discounted prices for multiple names.

 - Edge painting available on 540gsm and 700gsm weights.


The standard size for business cards in 55 x 85mm (landscape or portrait format). Other sizes can be supplied without a problem but would need a special quotaton. Please email for a price.

Cards can be supplied printed in letterpress, hot foil, or raised printing or a mix of letterpess and hot foil. As letterpress and hot foil are 'impact' processes, the resultant cards have an indented feel to the touch. That coupled with the fact that the cards can be supplied on heavy card makes the products quite unique.

Regarding letterpress printed cards, the ink to be used is semi-translucent so if the colour to be printed is a light colour it is only suited to lighter card colours as the ink colour would muddy up when printed on a darked card. Darker ink colours would not be affected as much can of course be printed on a larger range of card colour shades. Letterpress ink colours are specified by using the industry standard pantone matching system. 


Foils, by contrast are opaque so can be printed on dark materials. For example, black is one of the most popular card colours. Metallic and white foils run best. The metallic foils are available in both gloss and matt (satin finish) - Satin finish reads best where small type is involved.

Foils are available in 'pigmented' colours. However these foils are expensive and final results can vary in quality. If considering a pigmented foils it is best to run a trial.

A swatch card is available of the most poular foil shades available.


If your design involves a non metallic colour it would be best to consider having that element printed letterpress on a suitable card colour. Foiled elements can of sourse also be added.

Raised printed cards can be supplied in either 350gsm or 540gsm material in one colour. 

All supplied on a range of material in the paper weights 350gsm, 540gsm and 700gsm. The card quality used for cards is Colorplan from GF Smith. This material is the best on market for high quality foiling and letterpress printing. Cards can be combined to have different shades on eiher side. With the wide range of colourplan colours available the possibilities are endless.


Please send me a message via the contact me page if you wish to see a sample pack which I will gladly send out. I can also supply a swatch card of most popular foil shades.